What to do with Enzo Amore

What is going to happen with Enzo Amore? Since his breakup with Big Cass that seems to be the popular question.

He’s got charisma off the charts but he isn’t good in the ring.

I hear some people say he needs to go to 205 Live. I think that is a GIGANTIC MISTAKE. Enzo can’t hang with those guys and that style so he won’t fit in from an in-ring perspective. No one watches that show so there won’t be anyone to see him cut promos and do what he does best.

Some people say he should go back down to NXT. Honestly I don’t think that needs to happen either. It would be a much better fit than 205 Live but Enzo has been there and done that. He would get a great reaction from that hardcore crowd but it’s not like he’d ever be an NXT champion or anything of that nature. He’d be great for NXT from a business perspective but it’s not where he fits best.

If Enzo Amore is going to make it long-term in the WWE I think he needs to transition out of the ring. He needs to transition out of the ring and behind the microphone. I think Enzo Amore with a little training would make a fantastic color commentator.

Think back to the past in WWE. The color commentators were always larger than life and full of personality. Guys like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bobby The Brain Heenan , Jesse The Body Ventura and even Jerry Lawler.

I think in a lot of respects Enzo could represent a modern-day version of Jesse Ventura. Go back and watch some WWE when Ventura was on commentary. He always work outlandish outfits very similar to Enzo. Ventura was full of charisma just like Enzo. All of Enzo’s zany one liners would make listening to WWE commentary much more entertaining than it currently is.

If you want Enzo to still sparingly compete he could do exactly what Jerry Lawler used to do back in the early 90’s. He could still wrestle occasionally when called upon but he doesn’t need to wrestle on a full-time basis anymore.

I’d much rather listen to a team of Enzo Amore and Michael Cole or Enzo Amore and Tom Phillips rather than the trash they are throwing out there right now. The WWE commentary teams are in desperate need of some personality. Enzo would be an immediate personality injection.

If Enzo Amore stays on as a full-time in ring performer for WWE he won’t  last 2 more years with the company. If you make him a commentator he could have a job for the next twenty years. He may also go from reportedly being Vince McMahon’s dog house to being one of Vince McMahon’s favorite.


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