Roberto Aguayo Is The Worst NFL Draft Pick Ever

Written by: Shane Shoemaker (@SShoemaker24)

After what I thought was a pretty lackluster start to Hard Knocks this past Tuesday, I’m now in anticipation for this weeks episode to show where they release the former Florida State kicker. Apparently, HBO caught all of it and a portion of it will be shown on the show this week.

This is the worst pick in NFL history, right? Some will argue with picks from years past like Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell or even go on to say things like Aguayo wasn’t even the worst pick in the 2016 draft or even the worst pick in the second round, the round he was picked in.

If you go through a lot of ‘worst of’ lists that discuss the NFL Draft, almost always near the top of those lists are quarterbacks, much like some of the ones I just mentioned. What’s not on those lists? Kickers.

Quarterbacks are the greatest commodity of the NFL — it’s a quarterback driven league — and every single NFL team needs one, and a good one at that, to succeed in the league. Moreover, they’re worth taken risks on, even if in the end they end up costing you millions of dollars. Every year you can almost bet that the top three picks in the draft, at least one or all, will be picking up a quarterback. Thus why they’re in the top three picks.

Quarterbacks are worth trading up for — nothing is a for sure thing in anything, but you find yourself a starting quarterback in the draft that will be your entire franchise for the next 10 to 15 years, and all those 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks you might have gave up for him seem minimal at that point. Quarterbacks are a huge risk, but they’re the huge risk worth taking for more than any other position.

This is exactly why Tampa Bay’s pick of Roberto Aguayo in the second round of last years draft, where they gave up their 74th and 106th overall picks, is the worst draft pick in NFL history. The Bucs are like the character, Taco, from FX’s The League. On the show, Taco was notorious for drafting kickers, and early, and multiple ones. One of his famous quotes on the show is, “I like kickers. They’re the toughest.”


You don’t take risks on kickers. You don’t draft a kicker in the second round, and you sure as heck don’t trade to get a kicker … in any round, much less the second round. Even if he had of been a great kicker, the end would have never justified the means on the decision by the Bucs. You can justify any NFL team drafting a quarterback, especially if it’s their starter they’re looking for. You can’t justify a team drafting a kicker in the second round and giving up later picks just to get him. That’s why this is the worst draft pick in NFL history, because it makes no sense. Teams give up draft picks to acquire players they can’t just call up off the streets like most teams seem to do throughout every season with kickers. Teams give up draft picks to draft players that either throw to the endzone, run to the endzone, catch in the endzone, block for players getting to the endzone, or players to stop others from entering the endzone, not ones that kick through the endzone.

The Bucs drafted a player at a position that was almost near extinction (or at least even less valuable than what it is currently) a few years ago when the NFL was considering eliminating extra points. Also, you don’t draft players in the second round, again, giving up other picks to get him, to draft a position that only has five hall of famers.

Literally every position is excusable for drafting in the second round, trading picks to move up for here, except for that of a kicker. Every position.

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