WWE Is Best Move For Ronda Rousey’s Career Moving Forward

Written by: Shane Shoemaker

Triple H said on Thursday on ESPN that if Ronda Rousey wants the opportunity to join WWE, he’d be willing to give it to her.

I don’t think it’s any secret by now that Ronda Rousey’s days as an MMA fighter are all but done. In Ronda’s last two bouts she’s been absolutely slaughtered. Once by a stiff kick to the head and neck area from Holly Holm, who lost her very next bout and the bantamweight title she won from Ronda to Meisha Tate, a longtime rival of Ronda’s.

After that, it was a 48 second clobbering from Amanda Nunes.

I’m not sure Ronda has even been heard from since.

Ronda was on top of the pop culture and sports world before those two losses. She was a headliner for women empowerment, leading the charge for not only women athletes but women all around, in any profession.

She was slated for a slew of Hollywood endeavors such as a remake of Road House. This could still be happening, but if it is, it’s officially the longest production a movie has ever went through without a single still shot being released or date-of release announced.

Since her loss to Nunes, Ronda has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth, and all those talks of upcoming movie and television appearances seemed to vanish.

But that’s where WWE comes calling.

Ronda is an admitted fan of WWE, even participated in a bit of skirmish at WrestleMania 31 that involved Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and an introduction from The Rock. Again, this was still when Ronda was on top of the world, where everybody wanted to have her involved in their productions. Now, this isn’t the case. But WWE has a unique way to rebuild your brand – that’s what they do every week on their television shows. They create characters, modify them and critique them, on a week-to-week basis, going through a channel of creative direction and fan interaction to determine the final outcome.

If Ronda announces tomorrow (or whenever she decides to do so) that she’s becoming a professional wrestler for WWE, she automatically puts herself in the spotlight in a new, fresh way; one that will not tarnish her legacy but one that will create immediate interest.

It’s similar to Brock Lesnar leaving WWE for the NFL or UFC. It’s a different platform for the person to entertain on, and for critics, whether professional or fan, it’s another story to write or talk about. It’s a new narrative.

Ronda doesn’t hurt her legacy at all by joining WWE. In fact, she might even make it better.

She would be coming in at a perfect time right now, one where major emphasis (an emphasis she probably had a great influence on)

is being made on women’s wrestling. There’s things like the recent Mae Young Classic, an all women’s tournament featured on the WWE network. And there’s also WWE’s cable network television shows, Raw and SmackDown, where the women’s divisions are a major contributor to the shows.

For Ronda, she could realistically – in storyline and in real-life – take over the women’s division. She could continue to revive its importance, because even though the women’s division is not what it used to be (that’s a good thing), it still doesn’t create immediate interest like other stories or feuds do on Raw or SmackDown – and a lot of that sometimes is from lack of interesting, entertaining talent. Ronda is interesting just by her name.

Just imagine all the things WWE would and could do with their insanely talented production team. You easily have a “journey of” blu-ray or WWE network special (WWE 24) that would show Ronda’s entire beginnings – signing of her contract, meeting Vince McMahon, training, first match – as a WWE superstar.

(This would be a huge win for WWE as they are constantly looking for new subscribers to their revolutionary digital content network. Ronda automatically brings news eyes to the company.)

If Ronda finally decides to ditch the octagon for good, forgoing her movie career (if it still exists) and enters the squared circle, it will be the best move for her career moving forward. WWE has a way of making stars, and in some cases like The Rock, huge stars. Sure, it’s a crazy, ridiculous business, a travelling circus act that goes from town to town each week. But it’s also a business that, if you are an entertainer, it could completely revive your career if you put the necessary effort and work towards it.

Ronda Rousey signing with WWE doesn’t tarnish her legacy, it refresh’s her appearance to the public eye and creates new opportunities for herself in the future.

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