Hurricane Harvey Has Brought A Bittersweet Relief

Written by: Shane Shoemaker

In a month’s time where we’ve seen arguments and violence raised over whether historic monuments should be taken down due to racial sensitivity and constant quarreling between the extreme left and right wings, there is a bit of bittersweet relief with Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.

Take for instance Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.

Watt started an online fundraiser on August 27 with a goal of $200,000 to aid Hurricane Harvey victims. Since that time, the foundation has raised over $17 million with a new goal set for $20 million. Many other celebrities have now followed suit in raising money towards Harvey victims.

It’s an unprecedented accomplishment for a couple of reasons.

One — raising nearly $20 million dollars in one week’s time is unheard of no matter what the cause. This goes to show just how extremely popular Watt is not only as an NFL superstar but as an overall celebrity.

And two – to do this in a time where there seems to be so much focus only on one’s self due to extreme sensitivity, thus causing unwarranted disputes among so many, it’s wildly impressive.

It’s just a shame that it took the greatest natural disaster in American history to bring people together.

It’s refreshing to get on Twitter now and not see my timeline bombarded with anti-Trump tweets and articles. (I’m not even a pro-Trump supporter; I don’t follow him on Twitter.) It’s nice to see people not constantly offended with something one side says about an issue or calling someone racist because they don’t agree with them. It’s nice to see a celebrity asking others to help those in need instead of bashing their country’s leader, picking him apart for each and everything he says or giving their asinine opinions on issues that hold no political, philosophical, or intellectual weight.

It’s an odd time in America when you’re almost grateful for a natural disaster the likes of Hurricane Harvey because it made everyone take a step back, shut their mouths and get back to caring about people’s needs instead of their own. How sad is that?

Is this what it will always take? Will it take a great attack against our homeland like a natural disaster — or even worse, terrorist attack — to bring people back together and look past, or if nothing else, handle differently, what are really such ludicrous issues?

I certainly hope not.

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