Adam Cole has everything you want in a professional wrestler. He’s good in the ring. He can cut a promo and he’s got charisma. Adam has that “it” factor you look for. There is something about him that just makes you want to watch.

All those factors make him a wanted man in the world of pro wrestling. NXT obviously recognizes his talent. Guys like Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre debuted by sitting in the audience at a TakeOver event. Adam Cole debuted by closing the show in angle made for him to make an impact. The closing of NXT TakeOver Brooklyn this year set up Adam Cole up to be the new face of NXT.

I loved what they did with Adam at TakeOver. Loved it. If I’m being honest though there was one thing that stuck out while I was watching. I never realized how small Adam Cole is. He looked tiny compared to Drew McIntyre. He even looks really small in the picture with Triple H that I used in this blog. This isn’t the Triple H of 1999 or 2000 either. This Triple H is probably 30 pounds lighter than he was then. He still makes Adam look small.

Now Adam’s size won’t affect him in NXT. He’ll still be a top star. He’ll headline the NXT live events and he’ll headline NXT TakeOver’s. What happens when he goes to RAW or SmackDown? Guys like Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and Finn Balor aren’t the typical size that WWE usually goes for in their top guys. They usually go for the Roman Reigns and Braun Stroman’s of the world.

Think about that for a second. If Adam Cole looks small next to Triple H are we really supposed to believe he can possibly defeat a Braun Stroman? What about Brock Lesnar? Maybe it would be better for Adam Cole to be the first NXT lifer? He’d be playing to the crowds and fans he’s used to with promotions like ROH and PWG.

At the age of 28 Adam definitely has the years to get in with WWE and prove possible detractors wrong. It may take time for him to show the Vince McMahon’s and the Kevin Dunn’s of the world that he can carry the ball and be trusted to be a main event level star.

Hopefully Adam can become the next Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. A performer that isn’t they typical WWE size but that breaks through the glass ceiling and becomes a major star. I don’t want to see him become the next Dolph Ziggler who never gets a real chance to be a major success.  I look forward to seeing 60-70,000 people screaming “Adam Cole Bay Bay” one day. Right now in my head I hear Vince McMahon saying he’s too small Bay Bay!

I hope I’m wrong.



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