Lebron Wins Again

Kyrie Irving got his wish. He is no longer the shotgun rider to Lebron James in Cleveland. He’s in Boston. He’s going to get the chance to be “the man.” Kyrie didn’t win. Lebron James won.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got the best of the trade with the Boston Celtics. Some people may not think so but they did.

Here’s why:

Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving is a wash. They are both extremely good offensive players and defensive liabilities. Yes , Kyrie is more athletic and he’s bigger so he has a bigger upside. They still give the same thing to whatever team they are on, a lot of points and nothing else.

Where Cleveland won was in their acquisition of Jae Crowder. Jae Crowder was an afterthought pick by the Dallas Mavericks and he’s turned into a very solid NBA player. Jae is a 6’7 swingman who will put 13-15 points per game, and provide great defense on the wing. When I think of the Cavaliers of the last couple of years I think Crowder is going to be a very vital piece to their 2017-2018 team. Jae is the type of guy that can provide tough gritty defense against guys like Gordon Haywood of Boston or Demar Derozan of Toronto. If they get back to the finals he could be the guy to matchup against Paul George of the Thunder or Klay Matthews and Kevin Durant of the Golden St Warriors. Is he going to shut those players down? No probably not but he could frustrate them enough to be a difference maker for the Cavs.

I don’t know much about Ante Zizic. I know he’s a croatian player with a lot of talent. If he pans out he could be an absolute steal for the Cavs. If he doesn’t it honestly doesn’t really matter because he was just a throw in.

Obviously a major chip in this trade was the first round pick that Boston sent over as well. Given the state of the Brooklyn Nets it could very well turn into a number one pick in the draft. That could be used one of two ways for the Cavs.

  1. If Lebron James leaves in Free Agency like most expect him to do they can hold the pick and use it to hopefully find their next young superstar to build around.
  2. If Lebron James stays in Cleveland the cavs can use that draft pick as bargaining chip to possibly execute a trade with a team like New Orleans for Demarcus Cousins or possibly even Anthony Davis and get Lebron another legitimate star to play with.

Is Boston going to be a bad team with Kyrie Irving? No they will be far from it. They are still going to be really good and Cleveland may have to beat them to get back to the NBA Finals. If I’m putting together a team with a superstar like Lebron James and you give me the option of another superstar like Kyrie Irving or Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder? I’m taking Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder. Cleveland got better by trading Kyrie Irving. Boston stayed the same or possibly got worse.

Don’t believe me? Wait for the NBA Season. I’ll be proven right. Lebron James always wins.

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