2017 NFL Predictions

The 2017 NFL Season is here. A lot of is going to be status quo. Most of the teams that were good last year should be good again. Every NFL year brings a few surprises. Here are my NFL predictions for the 2017 season:

Division Champions: 

AFC EAST:  Patriots 12-4    AFC NORTH: Steelers 13-3

AFC SOUTH: Titans 11-5    AFC WEST: RAIDERS 11-5

NFC EAST: Cowboys 11-5   AFC NORTH: Packers 12-4

NFC SOUTH: BUCS 11-5      NFC WEST: Seattle 10-6

Wild Cards: Giants 9-7, Falcons 10-6 ,  Chiefs 10-6, Texans 9-7


1st Round:  Seattle over NY,  Dal over ATL, KC over Ten , Raiders over Texans

2nd Round: Dal over TB , GB over Seattle, Oak over NE, Steelers over Chiefs

Conference Championships: Dal over GB, Steelers over Oak

Super Bowl: Steelers over Dal


MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Christian McCaffery

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Myles Garrett

Coach of the Year: Mike Mularkey

Most Improved Team: Cleveland Browns – I know may I get called out for this but I sincerely think that the Browns are going to make some major strides this year. In the 2017 draft they potentially got an all pro defensive player in Myles Garrett, a QB of the future in Deshone Kizer and a major defensive piece and returner in Jabrill Peppers. Those new players combined with Hue Jackson who I’m a big fan of could spell success for the Browns finally if given the time to grow as a team. Hue Jackson is a great coach who has the ability to mold Deshone Kizer into a good NFL quarterback. The 2017 season could yield between 5-7 and wins for the Browns who could then take a major step toward being a playoff team in year 2 of the Hue Jackson regime.

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