Already The Best In The Game?

When I think of the best NFL color commentators or color analysts of all time I think of a few names.

John Madden

Troy Aikman

Jon Gruden

You can also throw in a couple of other names with NFL playing or coaching experience like Phil Simms or Brian Billick.

In one game, I watched Tony Romo do something I’ve never seen any one of them can do. On numerous occasions in his first NFL commentating game Romo could predict the plays before they happened. How? By reading the defense and reading the offensive formation.

Tony showed a football IQ that could only rival that of which we always heard Peyton Manning had. It left me thinking two things. The first is that Tony is going to be really GOOD at this job. He still needs polish as a broadcaster. That’s not a bad thing after all it’s his first game! Tony is going to bring an insight and knowledge of the game we’ve never seen before as an NFL analyst. Don’t believe me? Look.

The second thing I was left thinking was what a shame it is that Tony’s body gave out on him and the Cowboys couldn’t make the most of his time. If Tony had the knowledge of the game to spot blitzes like he showed on commentary the Cowboys could have been very special with the right personnel. I know that I’ll get flak from all the Romo haters but it’s the truth.

If Tony could have played a couple of more years behind the Dallas offensive line with a running back like Ezekiel Elliot there Is no doubt the Cowboys could have been something very special. That’s no slight on Dak Prescott I think he’s very special but Tony’s football mind is SPECIAL.

Seeing how Tony can analyze a defense I think it’s only a matter of time before he is fielding offers to be an NFL coach or possibly head up an NFL front office one day soon.

I know this after one game I want to watch Tony Romo call a football game and I’ve never said that about anyone. If the Cowboys aren’t playing against his game I will be watching Romo do his job because it truly is fascinating.

CBS made a bold move by pulling Phil Simms for a guy with no color analyst experience. The people at CBS look line geniuses today because Tony Romo looks like the next great NFL color analyst.
Hey Troy Aikman, when he played quarterback for the Cowboys Tony took some records from you. He might take away your reputation as the number one color analyst in football too. Better look out.

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