Clay Travis Likes Boobs SO WHAT!!

If you follow social media or keep up with networks like CNN there is no doubt you’ve heard about Clay Travis saying the word “boobs.”

In a segment with Brooke Baldwin and Keith Reed (formerly of ESPN) talking about the Jamele Hill controversy Travis said, “I believe in only two things absolutely, the first amendment and boobs.”

Was the statement necessary? No, it wasn’t. Was the statement over the top and maybe a little abrasive? Yes, it was. Was Clay Travis trying to be sexist or demeaning to women? No, he wasn’t. He was trying to be funny. People need to calm down.

If you follow Clay Travis that’s who he is. He’s not afraid to give his opinions whether you like it or not. He’s real. He doesn’t change who he is for anyone. He’s the same person in his columns, on his podcast or whether he’s doing an interview on CNN.

I for one respect that. There are too many people out there in this world that try to be other people. Too many people that act one way in private and completely different in public. People like Keith Reed for example.

On CNN Keith Reed played the high and mighty card acting offended and shocked at Clay’s comments. If you go to Mr. Reed’s twitter he has many posts talking saying things just as demeaning if not more so to women than Travis did.


Now I know the first thing you’ll say. “Those were four years ago!” And? He still said them, he still posted them on social media for the world to see. Keith Reed is different, now right? He’s not the same person, he’s changed bla blah blah. Maybe Keith Reed isn’t different? Maybe Keith Reed isn’t the same person in his personal life that he portrays when he gets the opportunity to be on national television.

I don’t respect people like Keith Reed. I respect real. I respect people like Clay Travis. That doesn’t mean I must agree with everything he says. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I think what he said yesterday didn’t need to be said. It wasn’t the place or the time especially with a female host.

I wasn’t offended by it. I didn’t think “ohh what a despicable son of a bitch.” I thought “ha, WOW can’t believe he said that!” I thought it was funny and humorous that he had the balls to say something like that on CNN. Most people wouldn’t. Most people would act like Keith Reed, they’d jump on the band wagon and tow the company line in hopes that they get another call from CNN.

We live in a society that is entirely way too sensitive. Everyone needs to relax and just not take life so freaking seriously. If they did maybe so many people wouldn’t be fake out there. They wouldn’t be different people in their private life than they are in public. They’d be real. They’d not be afraid to be the same person everywhere they go just like Clay Travis.

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