The WWE pay per view model sucks. There are way too many. They don’t matter. They don’t put effort into them. It needs to be fixed.


When the news broke, that WWE was going to possibly be introducing old WCW pay per view concepts it led me to think about what needs to be fixed with the current WWE pay per view model. What needs to be done to make them more special and to get fans to where they look forward to them.


I came up with three things:


  1. Change the Names – I think we can all admit as fans that many of the names suck. They are basically just names of matches or their something ridiculous. See Great Balls of Fire.
  2. Eliminate Events- I know it’s not the WWE model but it needs to be done. They need to eliminate the amount of pay per views each year. It will force the WWE creative teams to build better storylines making the product far more entertaining.
  3. Make a Permanent Calendar- I decided to put the same pay per view in the same city each year. The only pay per view that will continue to rotate is WrestleMania. The hopes of doing this is that the designated cities will begin to take ownership and look forward to the show each year. It will also make these events travel destinations. Fans that don’t live in these designated cities will have to make plans to travel to the closest one to them if they want to go to a WWE pay per view.
  4. Go Back to Sets- Not every single pay per view needs to have a WrestleMania quality set but you need to go back to the days of having different sets for the pay per views. It made the events more special and made them not a feel like a RAW or SmackDown on a Sunday night.



So here is my schedule:


January: Royal Rumble

Brand: Dual Branded

Location: Los Angeles, California

Obviously, Los Angeles needs a pay per view each year. They need a major pay per view each year. Royal Rumble is the perfect event for California. You kick the WWE pay per view calendar off each year in one of the biggest markets in a major event.


February: Elimination Chamber

Brand: Rotating between Raw and SD Live

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Elimination Chamber is one of the few current concepts that makes it onto the new calendar. Fans love the match they look forward to the match and it’s one of the few gimmick matches that deserves its own show in my opinion.  Pittsburgh gets a show because it’s always been a good market for WWE.


March: Extreme Rules

Brand: Rotating

Location: Orlando, Florida.

Why Extreme Rules? Well honestly because I needed a name and a concept and everyone loves a gimmick match, right? Orlando is an obvious choice. It’s WWE ‘s home base in a lot of ways and it’s become a wrestling hot bed with NXT and promotions like GFW running out of there on a regular basis.


April: WrestleMania

Brand: Dual Branded

Location: Rotating

Nothing changes with WrestleMania. It’s still the SuperBowl of pro wrestling and it’s gets treated as such. It rotates from city to city each year because it’s big business and big money for the WWE and the city that gets chosen.


May: Backlash

Brand: Rotating

Location: St Louis, Missouri

Why Backlash? Honestly because it has a little bit of an old-school nature to it. It brings me back to the attitude era. Why St Louis? It’s a historic wrestling market and the Midwest and middle America needed a pay per view.


June: Money in The Bank

Brand: Dual Branded

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

In my mind, Las Vegas is the perfect place for Money in the Bank. So, it stays there. The major change I make with MITB is that it becomes a dual branded pay per view. Everyone comes to Las Vegas and I have 4 MITB matches every year 2 men, 2 women. The fans treat MITB as one of the big events each year it’s time to make it one.


July: The Great American Bash

Brand: Rotating

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

As someone who is old enough to remember WCW at its zenith the Bash must be in Baltimore. The Great American Bash would be on July 4th every single year. If the WWE is going to start running on Christmas day why the hell can’t they run on July 4th every year. This would be the only pay per view that’s allowed to not be on Sunday. I know this would never happen but if the 4th fell on Monday The Great American Bash would be on Monday night!


August: SummerSlam

Brand: Dual Branded

Location: Brooklyn, New York

The WWE has done a great job with Summer Slam in Brooklyn. Keep it there. Keep doing what you’re doing. If it ain’t broke, don’t’ fix it.


September: War Games:

Brand: Rotating;

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

A pay per view concept synonymous with WCW deserves to be a city synonymous with WCW. Adding War Games represents the major subtraction to my WWE pay per view model. If the WWE wants to have a “team” match it needs to be one match that headlines a show not a night full of them like Survivor Series.


October: Halloween Havoc

Brand: Rotating

Location: Dallas, Texas

The WWE has made a mistake by not implementing Halloween Havoc to this point. They don’t need Hell in a Cell as a pay per view name. You use Halloween Havoc and if you want to have any matches that are supposed to evoke “fear” like Hell in a Cell or the House of Horrors match you have them at Halloween Havoc each year. Dallas deserves a pay per view because you must have at least one in Texas every single year.


November: Starrcade

Brand: Rotating

Location: Chicago. Illinois

Starrcade just like Halloween Havoc is a no brainer. It must be used. This pay per view for me would be on the night after Thanksgiving every single year. This would be a Friday night pay per view. Chicago deserves its own pay per view they are a great market for WWE. If you listen to old school wrestlers they all talk about how much they love to perform in Chicago.


December: Clash of The Champions

Brand: Dual Branded

Location: Toronto, Canada

You’ve got to get a pay per view each year in Canada. Toronto is a great crowd every single time they get a major event for WWE. Now why Clash of the Champions? Because this is the one pay per view each year that will provide real fantasy war fare. I would make this new Clash of the Champions a hybrid of Clash of the Champions and Taboo Tuesday. I would let the fans legitimately vote on the fantasy matchups or “dream” matchups they wanted to see between brands.  Brock Lesnar vs. Shinsuke Nakamura?  AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins? Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles? It’s all possible one night each year at Clash of The Champions.


With this schedule and this pay per view model you have 5 dual branded pay per views each year. That means each year either Raw or SmackDown would have one more pay per view than the other brand. That show could have a special show like how SmackDown has done it since the brand split last year. Like I said at the top this new model makes the pay per views special again, it makes the creative team work harder on storylines and it gives us a little bit of a break. Something the WWE product sorely needs right now. It’s just too much. I want Quality over Quantity not the other way around.

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