Smarter Than All of Us?

If you ask one thousand people their opinion of President Donald Trump it’s likely that nine hundred ninety-nine of them are going to the say the same exact thing.

He’s Crazy.

He’s an Asshole.

He’s a Sexist.

He’s a Racist.

Take your pick.

Maybe he is all those things. With the things that come out of his mouth most days it’s probably likely. But what if he isn’t? What if he’s incredibly smart? What if his crazy antics and his outlandish opinions are just part of his master plan?

Let me explain.

Why was Donald Trump elected? Because people thought he was a great candidate and could do great things for the country as President? No. Donald Trump was elected because we hated the current political system. We hated constantly choosing between people like Hillary Clinton or John McCain. We wanted something different. We didn’t want another career politician.

Donald Trump knew that. More importantly Donald Trump knew the next President of the United States needed to do something to bring this country together. He knew he couldn’t do it in a way a President traditionally tried to do it so he went the opposite route.

Most President’s would think of ways to bond the country together. Ways to make the country come together as one. Ways to truly “Make America Great Again.”

Not Donald Trump. Donald Trump knew people hated him. Donald Trump knew people despised the things he had to say and the way he carried themselves. Instead of toning that down when he got elected President he has turned it up.  HHe has said more outlandish stuff than he ever has before. He’s attacked people left and right.  He’s even began attacking professional sports and the NFL. That’s something you just don’t do in this country. Those comments have resulted in the NFL and the sports world coming out unanimously in opposition of Trump. Making his reputation even worse than it already was.

He’s given the United States and the world there is a crazy man in the White House that is drunk with power.

What if this was all an elaborate plan by Donald Trump and his supporters to truly get the country back to where it should be by uniting it. If the country and the more importantly the heads of both political parties were united in their hate for Donald Trump they would work together to fix the broken system to make sure someone like Trump never gets elected again.

Is this theory farfetched? Yes, it is. Is Donald Trump really this crazy wild ass guy who really thinks he’s trying to do good for the country? Yes, he probably is.

What if he isn’t?

What if he’s smarter than all of us?

What if he really is going to make America great again by uniting us all so no one like him ever gets elected again? If that happens then I say having Donald Trump as President was worth it. Having Donald Trump as President is exactly what we all needed.

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