The End Of Tiger?

Have we seen the last of Tiger Woods? If you watched his interview yesterday at the President’s Cup he acknowledged the possibility. Currently the surgically repaired back of Woods can only facilitate sixty-yard shots. When you are arguably the greatest golfer ever I can only imagine that it seems like in an insurmountable road to get back to where you were.

If Tiger Woods never played again what would his legacy be? How would most people remember him? The sad part is that after years of injuries and personal struggles Tiger may not be remembered the way he should be. People will remember the scandal. They’ll remember all the women that came forward. They’ll remember the fire hydrant.

They won’t remember the golfer. They won’t remember the single most dominant golfer the game has ever seen. He never won the 18 majors to eclipse Jack Nicklaus. He did hold all four major tiles at the same time. He did win the US Open in 2008 on essentially a broken leg. He did things that no one else ever has and may ever be able to do again. That’s the Tiger Woods I’ll remember.

If Tiger Woods never plays competitive golf what happens to him? Well he doesn’t have to do anything he’s got more money than he’ll ever need. I know what I’d like to see him do. I’d love to see him coach golf. If Tiger Woods could channel the drive and the competitiveness into young PGA players or maybe even college golfers he could turn out the next great player. I’d love to see Tiger work with a young player like Rickie Fowler who hasn’t won the big one yet. That’s what I’d love to see Tiger do when the time is right. That time isn’t now.

Tiger Woods isn’t retiring. Not yet. He’s still got more golf left to play. The same drive and competitiveness that made him the greatest won’t allow him to just walk away. No one in golf ever worked harder than Tiger Woods he’s going to rehab and he’s going to come back.

Will Tiger Woods win 18 majors? No, he won’t. I’d be willing to be he wins at least one more. He will come back. He will find his game and win golf tournaments. That’s who Tiger Woods is. He’s a competitor. He’s a golfer.

I think Tiger Woods knows exactly what he’s doing by saying he might be done. Yes, there Is a chance that he could walk away from the game or his back won’t allow him to play again. That’s not why Tiger said that. Tiger knows in his heart he’s going to play again. He knows in his heart he’ll be able to win golf tournaments again. He’s saying these things to set up for his big return. He knows that if people start to believe he’s going to retire his return will be that much more special. His return will be epic.

Remember this is the guy that has made more money in Golf than anyone else. I can see the return commercials from Nike and other golf vendors now. We’re all going to buy the new merchandise. We’re all going to buy his new clubs.

Tiger Woods is coming back. He’s coming back to play golf. He’s coming back to make money. That’s what Tiger Woods does. That’s who Tiger Woods is.


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