College coaches are bribing players. In case you didn’t know the sky is still blue. Water is still wet also. The FBI isn’t breaking ground. They are just finally getting into something we’ve all known has been happening for a long time. The first thing that I thought was why now?

We know sports is corrupt. We know college players get paid. They’ve been getting paid for years.

Rick Pitino wasn’t doing anything anyone else isn’t. If you wanted to dig hard enough I bet you could find where Roy Williams paid players at North Carolina. I’d be willing to bet that Bill Self is or has paid players at Kansas.

This FBI case may stop things temporarily but it won’t stop it for good. People may lose their jobs at schools like Louisville, Alabama, Miami, Auburn and others. Reps at Adidas and other apparel companies may lose their jobs. Boosters aren’t going to lose their money. Alumni aren’t going to lose their money and their want for their school to be successful and to win championships.

These boosters and alumni aren’t going to quit. They are just going to find new methods. They will hide their money and their payments to players and their families under more layers making them harder to find. Look at professional baseball as an example. A few years ago, there was a huge crackdown on performance enhancing drugs. Mainstays like Rafael Palmeiro and Alex Rodriguez went down with suspensions. An all-time great like Barry Bonds may never get into the hall of fame because we were suspected of using.

This year in MLB more home runs were hit in a season than ever before. A record that was set with two more weeks to go in the season. You are going to tell me that no one In pro baseball is still using performance enhancing drugs? Of course not. Instead they have just found a new and improved way to use and not get caught.

If the FBI and the federal government really wanted to help they would try to facilitate change in a different way. They would establish legislation that would allow collegiate athletes to get paid something. If you truly look at the amount of man hours these guys put in with school, practice and workouts against the amount of money they bring into a program like Louisville or Kentucky it’s a crime they don’t get paid something.

I know what the argument will be from most people. “Why do they need to get paid, they get a free education.” Let’s all be honest with each other. Coaches like John Calipari and Rick Pitino aren’t recruiting players that have a goal of getting a college education. They recruit players who will help them win right now, bring more eyes to their school creating more money for themselves and for their school.  The coaches make 7-10 million dollars a year, the schools make millions of dollars a year in revenue why shouldn’t the players get anything?

Not convinced yet? Think about this way. Let’s say I’m a prized recruit and I sign with a program like Kentucky. I’ve grown up broke, scraping by and basketball is my way out. Well in the middle of my freshman year I completely blow out my knee ruining my basketball career. When Kentucky pulls my scholarship because I’m not making them any money anymore and I’m not playing basketball anymore what am I supposed to do?

If the government would establish a salary for these guys. Even if it’s say 30-40,000 dollars a year they would leave college with some money or be able to support themselves while they’re at college. In the injury scenario, I laid out it would give a kid the opportunity to take that money to a less expensive college and get a college education so they could still have a good life without basketball.

College basketball is corrupt. College football is corrupt. So are pro sports. Cracking down on them is great for change. Temporary change. If you want to create long lasting change then think outside the box.

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