Are We Really That Sensitive?

Why is this news? Cam Newton had a chuckle at a female reporter and its worldwide news. Why? I mean is this really that shocking? A 6’3 250lb NFL player thought it was funny that a female tried to ask a legitimate football question. I bet a lot of them think the same exact way.

I’m sure there are some players in the NFL that would be smart enough not to say that in a press conference but it doesn’t mean they don’t think it. This is the NFL, it’s professional football. It’s a male driven league.

I’m sorry maybe I’m a sexist just like Cam Newton but this didn’t bother me. If you polled 100 women I’d be willing to bet that 95 of them couldn’t name one route a receiver runs in a football game. They don’t watch football closely enough to know whether a receiver can run a good route or a bad route. That doesn’t mean they are stupid. It simply means that most women are interested in different things.

Women simply aren’t interested in football the same way men are. There isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s just LIFE!!!  If a girl I didn’t know personally and didn’t know they were legitimately into football I would probably find it funny also if they tried to talk to me about routes or something most girls wouldn’t know when it comes to football.

I hate the fact that we live in a society now where we literally wait to find something to criticize people for. It feels like the media and just people in general are just sitting and waiting for a celebrity or a sports figure to say something that they can construe as Racist or Sexist. Anything they can find so they can get their 15 minutes of fame.

If you watch the highlights of the question what did Cam do that was so hateful? He didn’t laugh hysterically in her face. He didn’t call her stupid or something worse like a dumb b**ch. It was a simple case of him thinking it was funny while she asked her question. I honestly don’t see what was so wrong about it.

Cam didn’t say “women can’t know about football” or “you are a woman what do you know about routes?” He simply said, “It’s kind of funny to hear a woman ask about routes.” There was nothing ruthless or rude about it. It was his honest reaction to a question.

Jourdan Rodrigue is making this way more than it needs to be.

The national media is making this way more than it needs to be.

It really sucks that we live in a society where we must be fake. We can’t give our honest reactions to questions or remarks for fear that we might get labeled as a racist or a sexist. You wonder why most of these guys don’t like talking to the media. This is why. They know it’s full of people just preying on them waiting for them to slip up. They know it’s full of people who are way too sensitive.


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