We are six weeks into this college football season and the playoff picture is already taking shape. It looks like a two-horse race right now with Alabama being the dominant horse in the race. I know thinking of Alabama in the playoff race is shocking, right?

Here’s where I think the field sets right now:


  1. Alabama– I’m not sure if they are just that dominant or the rest of the country isn’t as good as it normally is. Through six weeks Alabama looks ridiculously dominant. They are blowing the doors off of everyone whether they are at home or on the road. Never say never but the only game that looks like it might be a challenge left on their schedule is Auburn the last week of the season. If they dispatch the Tigers they might get to their toughest game against Georgia. Either way it looks like Nick Saban is headed to the playoffs again.


  1. Clemson- The Tigers from South Carolina look like a clear-cut number two right now. They have dispatched their tough games on the schedule already with defeats of Louisville, Virginia Tech and Auburn. The only game left in the regular season that appears to be a challenge is NCST. If the Tigers finish the season undefeated an ACC title game against Miami may be in the cards but right now the Hurricanes don’t look like a legit challenger.


  1. Penn St- The Lions should have been in the playoffs last season. They appear ready to make it happen this year. The play of Saquon Barkley makes Penn St look like a legit contender to make some noise in the playoffs. If the Lions are for real we will find out in the next two weeks. Games against Michigan and Ohio St will either make them the clear-cut team to beat in the Big 10 or make the Big 10 so clouded that no one from the conference may make the playoffs this year.


  1. TCU- This might be because I’m a Big 12 homer or it might be simply because I think the PAC 12 sucks. TCU looks legit so far, this year. They went into Stillwater and beat an OKST team that most people thought was headed for the playoffs this year. They beat a very solid West Virginia team today. If the Frogs go into Norman in November and defeat the Sooners they may just walk themselves into a place in the playoffs. The combination of Kenny Hill and Gary Patterson rebuilding the big play defenses he was known for make the Frogs look like a legit contender this year.



Other Possibles:

Washington- Honestly, I should have put the Huskies in the Top 4. They made it last year. They are undefeated this year. I just don’t trust the Pac 12 and the Huskies have a very difficult game against Washington St coming up on their schedule.


Washington St-  After their defeat of Southern Cal you must take Mike Leach and his team as serious contenders at this point. The winner of Washington vs. Washington St may get the fourth seed in the playoffs.


Miami- I can’t believe I’m including them but they do have a shot to make this happen. They are currently undefeated. The two hardest games left on their schedule Virginia Tech and Notre Dame both must come to Miami. If the Hurricanes can make it through the regular season undefeated and figure out a way to upset defending National Champion Clemson in the ACC Title game there is no doubt they will make their way into the playoffs.

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