Is James Franklin head to Aggieland?

James Franklin may be the number one target of Texas A&M when they eventually part ways with embattled head coach Kevin Sumlin.

How can you blame them? I’m sure 95% of the schools in the country would love to have James Franklin as their coach. He’s gone up to Penn St and completely transformed a program that was still struggling to get out of the post Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky scandal fall out.

Penn St should have made the college football playoff last year. They appear on the same level if not better this year. They appear headed for a Big 10 championship and a place among college football’s elite in the final four.

My question is why would James Franklin want to go to A&M if offered the job? Sure, they have a lot of money in College Station but it’s not like Franklin is making chump change in Happy Valley.  They might have better facilities but I’m have no doubt that if Franklin keeps winning upgrades will be coming soon.

Texas A&M is in the SEC and I know that brings some allure and it’s a place coaches want to be in the college game. This isn’t Alabama calling, it’s not even LSU or Auburn. This is Texas A&M they are a good program but they aren’t great. They have never been considered one of the elite programs of college football.

Franklin already has one of the top jobs in college football in my opinion. Penn St is one of those programs that if they are good the game is simply better. Penn St is a traditional powerhouse. Turning the Nittany Lions back into a powerhouse would put Franklin in a position to take over another top school in the country if that job came open.

If the USC job came open Franklin would and should be a major candidate there. If Alabama came open I could see him being a very viable candidate to replace Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa. I could even see the opportunity to coach in the NFL being in Franklin’s future if that is something that interests him. NOT TEXAS A&M.

Don’t get me wrong if the Aggies could pull this off more power to them. Get it done. If you can get Franklin to College Station he could finally be the man to turn you into one of the elite programs in the college game.

I just don’t see it happening though. I don’t see Franklin even seriously entertaining a jump to College Station. He’s going to continue to build Penn St into a perennial powerhouse again until a better opportunity happens.

When one of the top jobs in the country comes open then I think Franklin will leave. He isn’t leaving for a middle tier program like Texas A&M. It’s not happening.


Sorry Aggie Fans.

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