Keep The Champagne On Ice Until You Win It All

Written by: Shane Shoemaker (@SShoemaker24)


As Bryce Harper struck out to end the Nationals’ chances of advancing further into the playoffs (again), the Cubs, as expected, threw their hands and gloves up in the air in celebration. They put on their freshly unboxed NLCS shirts and caps and proceeded to “Fly the W.”

But of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without champagne in the locker room as the windy city team shook and poured what would seem to be more than a few dozen of very expensive bottles of the classy drink on each other, including other beverages.

Two no surprises here.

One is that the Nationals still didn’t make it to the World Series. And two is that a team decided to give each other the champagne showering celebration for winning another series.

This continues to make no sense to me. Why would you celebrate with champagne and similar activities like you’ve won the World Series … until you’ve won the World Series?

Look at the Yankees. They did this after winning their one wild card game to make it to the ALDS, then again after winning the ALDS. If they win the ALCS and the World Series, that’s four times they will have celebrated this way. I wouldn’t say you would get tired of celebrating winning, especially if you win the World Series, but wouldn’t the celebration lose its luster? Why would you want to do the same celebration after every series victory?

It makes no sense.

If I were the manager, even the owner of the team, I would stop this celebration immediately. Give them the t-shirts, the caps, whatever — they have to sell the merchandise, I get that — but leave the champagne for when it’s really deserved, the World Series — or as Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger) from Major League said, “The whole f——in thing!”

I think the celebration means more when you build up to it. Champagne is the symbol of celebration, of great accomplishments, so save it for the greatest accomplishment in your field, not all the ones right before it.

Is this a celebration that’s so common with every professional league team that it’s just the cliche thing to do at this point? I’m not sure, but do NFL teams do this after every playoff win? NHL teams? NBA teams? I notice this the most in baseball and haven’t paid that much attention to other sports in this regard.

But I’m not kidding, I would set a precedent here if I was a manager and tell my team that if you want to bathe in champagne, then you better win the World Series. To me, the more motivation the better. That doesn’t mean don’t celebrate series victories, but save the big celebration for the big win.

Keep the champagne on ice.

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