Projecting the Playoffs #2

A crazy ass week in College Football completely threw the rankings into a tizzy.  No. 2 Clemson, No .5 Washington and No. 8 Washington St all go down to unranked teams.  Here’s where I think we stand after that chaos.

  1. Alabama- NO BRAINER. They will be here until someone beats them and I’m starting to wonder if that is ever going to happen again…
  2. Penn St- An off week and multiple losses from top 10 teams make Penn St look like a clear-cut no. 2.  They look like the front runners and the only possible team that could compete with Alabama in January.
  3. Georgia- At first, I struggled to believe in Georgia. It’s getting harder and harder not too. In only his second year it appears that Kirby Smart has a very solid Bulldogs team. If they can finish the season undefeated and avoid a complete and total ass whipping from Bama in the SEC Title game they could very well be headed for the playoffs.
  4. TCU- TCU went to Manhattan on the road at a very tough place to play and beat Kansas St today. If they can beat Oklahoma in November and avoid an upset to Texas or in the BIG 12 championship game Gary Patterson may just get his team into the playoffs. They are making believe more and more each week.



OUTLIERS-  Here are the 5 teams on the outside looking in who still have a shot at backdooring their way into Final Four.


  1. Clemson- The loss to Syracuse puts a major dent in their playoffs hopes but they are from dead. If the Tigers run the table the rest of the way and potentially beat a Top 10 team in Miami in the ACC Championship they could find their way back into the final four.
  2. Ohio St – Their home loss to Oklahoma was extremely hurtful to the Buckeyes. With games against Penn St, Michigan St, Michigan and a potential Big 10 Championship game against another top 10 team in Wisconsin still ahead they aren’t dead. If they can run the table and win all 4 games they will be in playoffs.
  3. Miami- Miami can’t keep surviving every week, right? Sooner or later their luck must run out. What if it doesn’t? If it doesn’t Mark Richt and the Hurricanes could win an ACC Championship and possibly get in the playoffs in only his second year. I’m not sure enough will happen to get them close enough but it’s possible.
  4. Oklahoma- Their win in Dallas today keeps hope alive. If they can beat TCU in November and win the Big 12 Championship they might get the 4 seed. The loss to unranked Iowa St is going to hurt them bad in the eyes of the voters though. Maybe too much.


Out and Out for good:

Washington and Washington St-  Washington St got their ass handed to them by Cal. Washington lost to unranked Arizona St. They won’t recover. The Pac 12 is far too weak for a one loss team out of that conference to get in to the playoffs. If one did it would be USC not either one of the Washington schools.

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