Mike Leach to Nebraska?

Start up the rumors.

Before this week, Mike Leach’s name was already being talked about for other jobs. The job he’s done at Washington St is hard to ignore. The Cougars suffered eight straight losing seasons before Mike Leach arrived on campus.

Leach is in his sixth season at Wash St and looks to have his best team yet. Before their loss to Cal they were ranked number eight and had defeated USC.

Now the man who hired him at Wash St Bill Moos has moved on to Nebraska. As we all know when an AD gets hired his first move is usually to hire his own football coach. Well at Nebraska you know that’s going to happen. Mike Riley is having a horrible year in Lincoln. He is going to be replaced.

Could that replacement be Mike Leach?

If it is I think it’s a great hire. Mike Leach rebuilt Texas Tech into a winner. He took Texas Tech to heights that it’s never been and may never get to ever again. Mike Leach has gone to Washington St and completely rebuilt that program into a winner. His system works. If given time he can rebuild a program. I have no doubt he could have success at Nebraska if given that opportunity.

If I’m Mike Leach do I take this job?

Honestly, I don’t know. When I think of Mike Leach I think of a coach who is great fit for a school like Texas Tech or Washington St. Mike Leach is different. He doesn’t play the game. He isn’t a PR robot like you should be at major schools in major conferences. He fits much better an outlier.

Mike Leach is the guy who turns a program that nobody cares about into a contender. I’m not sure he’d have the same magic at a school with major expectations like a Nebraska.

As a fan, I’d love to see it. I’d love to see the crazy ass style of football that Mike Leach coaches at a major school like Nebraska. I’d love to see Mike Leach’s interaction with stuffy uptight coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer when he coaches in the Big 10. I’d love to have Mike Leach thoroughly in the mix and in our face as the head of a major program. It’d would be hilarious.

If I had a prediction I’d have to say that if Mike Leach is offered the opportunity to step into a major college football job like Nebraska. Nebraska can and will offer him more money than Washington St can. At the end of the day money usually wins out. If he goes to Nebraska he will have success. It’s just a matter of how long it will take to for the stuffed shirts in Lincoln to get tired of his antics. They ran Bo Pelini out of town and I’m sure they regret that now. Will they do the same thing again or have they learned their lesson? I guess we’ll see.

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