Gruden to Tennessee? Not Likely

Butch Jones sucks. The whole world knows it. He hasn’t been able to win at Tennessee. The current Tennessee team can barely score. It’s only a matter of time before he is ousted as the head coach of the Volunteers. In fact, many people think that day may come this Sunday if they get beat bad enough by Alabama.

So, who’s next?

Well, according to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage the money behind the University of Tennessee. They want a big name. They want a major splash. They want Jon Gruden.

If you follow coaching rumors Jon Gruden’s name has been associated with Tennessee before. He’s got history with the school. He got his coaching start as a grad assistant for the Volunteers. His son is currently a student in Knoxville.

The connection is there.


He’d be a major splash and the big hire Tennessee is looking for.


The question I have is would he work?


Personally, I think he would. The guy knows the game of football. He’s notorious for his work ethic. I think that would help him big time on the recruiting trail. I think his work for ESPN would help him recruit top tier talent. After years of watching his Jon Gruden’s QB Camp on ESPN before the draft, you’re telling me QB prospect wouldn’t line up to go to Tennessee?

I think he’ d have five-star recruit after five-star recruit calling signals for him in Knoxville.

I have no doubt he’d build a great staff of recruiters and assistant coaches underneath him as well. With his charisma, his reputation with quarterbacks and his charisma I think not only would Jon Gruden win at Tennessee but he would win BIG.

I also think Jon Gruden would enjoy the control he’d have over a college program as well. It’s the total control that most coaches crave. Every player would be someone he recruited. Yes, college players have egos but they aren’t paid millions of dollars a year so they are more humble than pro athletes are. I think that’s something Jon Gruden would really enjoy.

I think he’d enjoy it. I think he’d be very successful. I still don’t think he’d take the gig. I can’t honestly put my finger on why but for some reason I just look at Jon Gruden as an NFL guy. If he is going to leave the great gig he has at ESPN it’s going to be for an NFL job.

Volunteer fans I’d love it for you. I’d love it for college football but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. If I was you I’d focus at throwing as much money as I can at Chip Kelly.

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