Projecting The Playoffs #3

We have no change in the top four this week. Although number two Penn St made a major statement that they are clearly a top contender. So here we go.


  1. Alabama- There is nothing to say. They dominate every week. They dominated again this week. They are the clear-cut number one team in the country and there is no argument.


  1. Penn St- The Lions made a major statement this week with their dismantling of Michigan in Happy Valley. If they can beat Ohio St in Columbus next Saturday, their path to playoffs will be clear.



  1. Georgia- The Bulldogs were off this week.


  1. TCU- They did what they were supposed to do. They dominated Kansas at home. If Oklahoma St continues to win their win in Stillwater earlier in the year will only continue to get better in the eyes of the voters. If Oklahoma keeps winning and the Frogs can beat the Sooners, they almost certainly will sneak into the playoffs as the four seed.



On the Outside Looking In:

Wisconsin- If the Badgers keep winning and they can beat fellow undefeated Penn St in the Big 10 Championship game they won’t be denied. The committee will have to put them in the playoffs.

Ohio St- Don’t sleep on the Buckeyes. If they knock of Penn St next Saturday and win out they will get back into the playoff field. Urban Meyer has his team quietly playing very well.

Miami- They survive every single week. If they can beat Notre Dame and Clemson in the ACC title game and finish undefeated the Canes might sneak their way into the playoffs. I don’t see it happening because I think their luck must run out eventually, but stranger things have happened.

Oklahoma- The Sooners keep lurking around. They keep finding a way to win games. If they can beat a top 10 team in Oklahoma St and a top 5 team in TCU, the Sooners may find their way back into the playoffs. They’ll need a little help. They’ll need multiple teams in front of them to lose but they are far from out of it yet.

Notre Dame- The Irish made a statement tonight. Their complete dismantling of USC was a showcase that they are for real this year. They have games against ranked NCST and Miami still on their schedule. Sitting at number thirteen currently means the Irish will need their fair share of help to get in the playoffs. If it comes down to them or another one loss team don’t be shocked if the committee puts the Irish in the final four.

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