Projecting The Playoffs #4

Another week of college football in the books. Another week of major change in the CFB playoff picture is in the books as well.
Two teams who were in the picture are now on the outside looking in. One team who has been a Playoff fixture since its inception is now firmly back in. As of right now it appears to be all about the SEC and the BIG 10. The Pac 12, the Big 12 and the ACC may not get a team in the field this year.

Let’s break it all down.

1. Alabama- No Change here. Won’t be any change here until someone steps up and dethrones King Saban.

2. Georgia- A dominant win against Florida and a Penn St loss puts the Bulldogs firmly at number two. Kirby Smart is on a collision course with his former mentor. If both teams can avoid a hiccup the SEC championship game is going to be 1 vs. 2 and must watch for all.


3. Wisconsin- The Badgers keep winning. They are undefeated and appear on a collision course with Ohio St in the Big 10 championship game. If they win that game, they will get a chance to play for the National Championship.

4. Ohio St- With their big win against Penn St the Buckeyes are back in the hunt officially. Urban Meyer has his team playing extremely well and looking like they can beat anybody. They are going to have to defeat Wisconsin to keep their spot. If they do that we could get Urban Meyer vs. Nick Saban one more time.


Notre Dame- Back to back weeks of beating USC and NCST have put the Irish firmly in the playoff mix. If the Irish keep winning they will be the next team to get in the Top 4 if someone else falls out. At the beginning of the season people were wondering if Brian Kelly would be ousted in South Bend. Not only is he not going to be ousted he might get an extension.
Clemson- Keep winning, defeat a possible undefeated Miami in the ACC championship game and the Tigers hopes for repeating as national champions aren’t dead just yet.
Miami- Every week I ask how can Miami keep winning like this. Every week they squeak by an opponent and come out victorious. This week it was 1-7 North Carolina. If the Hurricanes can find a way to remain undefeated they will get in. That’s their only way though. One loss and there is no way the committee will let them in with all their crappy wins. I could see them letting in a 2-loss team over 1 loss Mi

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