The Next Coach at Florida Should Be…

Scott Frost? He’d be a great choice, but something tells me that the Cornhuskers may break the bank to make sure he goes back to his alma matter.

Chip Kelly? If the Gators could get that’s who they need to hire but I’m not sure they can. Chip Kelly is a west coast guy. If UCLA looks to get rid of Jim Mora I think that job has Chip Kelly written all over it. If he goes to an SEC school, I think he’ll wind up at Tennessee because rumors are that the Volunteers are prepping to break the bank for the next coach.

So, who do they choose?

Well when you think of the Florida Gators you think of offense. That’s what the fans expect and that’s what they want. That’s also what succeeds in Gainesville.  Steve Spurrier had a vaunted offense that scored points and was very successful. Urban Meyer had a very successful offense that scored points and was extremely successful.

The other thing I think of when it comes to the coach of the Florida Gators is swag. Think about it when Steve Spurrier had the Gators rolling he was cocky and arrogant. He knew how good he was, he knows how good his team was and he didn’t mind letting you know. With Urban Meyer at the helm there was the same exact vibe in Gainesville. The same vibe and the same results.

I think Dan Mullen of Mississippi St could do a good job at Florida. He’s done a fantastic job with Miss St. He’s shown he can recruit. He’s shown his offense scores points. He’s got history at Florida and I think he could do a good job recruiting the state. The thing with Dan Mullen that is missing is my mind is the swag and the confidence. Dan Mullen doesn’t strike me as a coach with much bravado.

If I was the AD at the University of Florida, my choice would be Lane Kiffin.

In his first year at FAU Lane has transformed the program. They are scoring 47.1 points per game in Conference USA play. They are averaging 300 rushing yards per game. In only his first year in Boca Raton he has the school in position to win a conference championship. A year after they finished 3-9.

Lane Kiffin has the swag and the confidence for the SEC and for Gainesville also. Most people think he is a complete prick and he doesn’t care.

Most of all I think Lane Kiffin is a different football coach than he was before. I don’t think you can spend three years under Nick Saban without learning and learning a lot. Kiffin may have the same bravado he had at Tennessee and USC but he’s a much better football coach.

Kiffin can score points. His partnering with offensive coordinator Kendall Briles has been a great match. Kiffin can recruit. He’s done that every single place he’s ever been.

Kiffin is still just 42 years old. He’s the same age as Scott Frost who’s consider the next up and coming young head coach. He’s got a hell of a lot more experience than Frost does. He’s been a head coach in the NFL and at two major Division 1 programs. He’s been an offensive coordinator under two great head coaches and great programs in Nick Saban and Pete Carroll.

I think Lane Kiffin is ready to lead a major program again. I think Lane Kiffin is ready to win and win big at a major program. If I was Florida I’d be giving Lane Kiffin an interview. If you can’t land the big fish (Chip Kelly) he’d be my next option.

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