The Last Jedi- The Good, The Bad, The Weird

This blog is about college football. Well not today. After watching Star Wars The Last Jedi I had to sit down and write about it. The movie left me with so many conflicted feelings that I needed an outlet to talk about it.


When I think about The Last Jedi I don’t know how I feel. I don’t honestly know if I really liked the movie. I don’t honestly know that I really disliked the movie. I’m confused. I’m confused at some of the choices they made. I’m confused at some of the directions they went. Some of it I loved. Some of it I honestly hated. Some of I just thought was weird and a direction I didn’t really get.

So let’s talk about it:

The Good:

Killing Snoke- The entire scene in Snoke’s throne room was awesome. His confrontation with Rey. Kylo killing Snoke. Rey and Kylo absolutely decimating every single one of Snoke’s guards. Everything that went into that scene was epic and to me it was by far the best thing in the entire movie.

Luke is human-  I loved the revelation that Luke attempted to kill Kylo when he sensed the control that Snoke already had over him. It gave Luke a different depth to his character that we haven’t seen from Jedi in past movies. The Jedi were always so squeaky clean the never struggled with urges like that. Luke was different , Luke was more of a real human being who struggled with the same urges all the rest of us do. ]

Luke vs Kylo- Their confrontation at the end of the movie was simply awesome. Kylo was full of rage and full of anger, he thought he was the great supreme leader who could not be defeated. Not only could he not defeat Luke in a fight but he didn’t even realize until it was too late he wasn’t even fighting Luke. Luke was projecting an image of himself there to give the resistance the time it needed to escape. It showed Luke’s power and Luke being the master Jedi out-smarting his emotional pupil one last time.

The Awful: 

Leia in Space-  I mean what the hell was that? Why was that in the movie? What was the purpose? It just seemed weird. It seemed out-of-place and I just didn’t like it. So Leia gets blown out of the ship and is unconscious but can use the force to make herself fly back into the ship? Exactly……  It was weird. It was out of place and NOT NEEDED.

Finn- I thought John Boyega and Daisy Ridley were supposed to be the new stars of this film series? I thought Finn was an absolutely worthless character in this movie. There was nothing he was involved with that had any substance or that I really liked. He was way too goofy on the casino planet. The only thing I like that he did was the moment he shared with Rey at the very end of the movie. They need to do much better with Finn in episode 9.

The Comedy- Every star wars movie has some moments of comedy. Their organic and very enjoyable. That didn’t happen in The Last Jedi. This movie felt like Rian Johnson set out to be funny from the beginning and it came off as too much and it came off as forced. From Poe’s bit with Hux at the end of the movie to Finn taking a minute to get a slap-stick comedy line in with Fasma before he killed her it was just too much.  They have to tone that down for episode 9.

The Weird: 

I can sum up the weird of this movie by saying Kylo and Rey. The dynamic between these two throughout the whole movie was just weird. The fact that they can talk to each other and see each other was weird. I know they tried to explain that by saying Snoke was responsible for it but it was still weird. I also don’t like the dynamic I feel like they are building for episode 9. I got the vibe that this trilogy of movies are going to end with Kylo Ren turning back into Ben Solo and he and Rey being together. Star Wars isn’t a love story. Star Wars isn’t about relationships. I sincerely hope that’s not where their going but I couldn’t help but feel like it is.

The other thing that I felt weird about was the death of Luke. Not the way they killed Luke off just the fact that they did it. I thought the way they killed Luke was perfect. He was at peace and got to move on. I just didn’t get why they killed him off given the fact that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us. From the beginning we’ve been told this trilogy would give each of the major characters from the original trilogy a send off. Han in one movie. Luke in one movie and Leia in one movie. I just felt like this would be the movie that Leia gets her send off in even if it meant doing some re-writes and changing a few things. Now Leia is still leading the resistance in the movies but we’ve been told they will not be using CGI to keep Leia in the movies. So are we going to just open episode 9 saying Leia died?


All in all The Last Jedi was an entertaining and enjoyable movie it was just different. It went in a different direction than any other Star Wars movie has before. Some of it I liked. Some of it I didn’t.

In the long run I think what happens in episode 9 is going to have a major effect on how The Last Jedi is viewed in the history of Star Wars movies. If Episode 9 is done right and has a great story I think the Last Jedi will be remembered very well. If Episode 9 takes another left turn The Last Jedi may get remembered in the company of The Phantom Menace which isn’t a good thing.

As far as my personal view of the movie I don’t know. I’m going to have to go see this movie again before I can honestly say I liked or disliked this movie. I’m conflicted right now. I guess you could say I feel both the light and the dark when it comes to the Last Jedi.

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