Shane Shoemaker


If you hear Shane talk you might think he’s the typical country bumpkin. Trust us, He isn’t. The game of College Football is number one for Shane. He lives to hold up in the house on Saturday afternoon and take in as many games as he can.  He’s an avid Miami Hurricanes fan so you never know when his inner thug will come out in his writing.

Shane will also be the major contributor to our ONSIDE KICK section. When Shane calls an Onside Kick you never know what topic he’s going to write about and who he is going to piss off.

Shane is a very talented writer with a style that’s very entertaining and very easy to read. Don’t get it twisted though Shane isn’t afraid to share controversial opinions and write things that may get under the skin of readers.




Blake Mitchamore

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As the creator of Between The Hashmarks , Blake’s love for the college game is off the charts. Growing up in Texas he loves the Longhorns which lately has been a labor of love because times in Austin haven’t been that good.

Blake’s football knowledge is second to none. Blake follows teams, players and even coaches. During the offseason he’ll also be talking about the recruiting trail. For Blake college football is a year round passion and a year round obsession.

Just like his writing partner Shane , Blake isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and give you his opinions whether you like them or not. His opinions at times are controversial but that doesn’t mean he’ll shy away from giving them. Right or wrong the one thing you’ll get from the writing of Blake is passion.