What We Do

Between the Hashmarks is the your home for everything college football. We’re just like you we’re fans.

The difference is we’re fans that know the game and love to talk about it. We follow the game every single day. It’s a passion and an obsession.

Every single week here at Between The Hashmarks we’re going to bring you our opinions on just about every aspect of the college football game. We’re going to talk about games. We’re going to talk recruiting. We’re going to tell you what coaches need to be fired and who needs to replace them. We’re going to tell you who should be in the playoffs , what bowl games are a joke. We’re going to tell you everything.

We’re also going to branch out into social aspects of the college game. If a scandal breaks out in college football like in college hoops, ohh we’re going to talk about it.

We’ll even break away from the game in our ONSIDE KICK. The section of our blog where no topic is off limits and just like an ONSIDE KICK in a football game you never know when it’s going to come.

The goal of BTH is to be a home for opinionated college football fans who love the game. Fans that get tired of hearing from the Pat Forde and Kirk Herbstreet’s of the world. Fans that want to hear from other fans and other people who know the game just as well as the so-called “experts.”